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OSR Resources

Open Source Maturity Model (OSMM)

The Open Source Maturity Model allows you to understand where your organization is on its open source journey by providing a snapshot of its current stage of maturity.

The model is an open source project and is free to use, study, improve, and redistribute according to the license requirements.

You can take the Open Source Maturity Model survey now at and we welcome your open source contributions on the OSMM GitHub Repository.

Below you can find a list of useful links and resources; you can find more on FINOS Knowledge Base page.

Adding and Updating OSR SIG Documentation

Open Source Readiness welcomes new contributions and updates to SIG documentation.

Please make your markdown changes and contributions to the following Open Source Readiness folder.

How to contribute documentation using GitHub

The following resources demonstrate how to edit markdown and contribute to projects on GitHub using pull requests.

FINOS OSR Resources

The OSR SIG has produced several resources to help financial services firms along their open source journey. Most of these are also open source projects that you can contribute to on GitHub.

Open Source License Compliance Handbook

A guide for complying with a wide range of open source licenses in common use cases. It's an invaluable resource for enabling developers to manage the most common compliance tasks without unnecessary legal and compliance review.

Reference FOSS Policy

A comprehensive model corporate policy for consuming, contributing to, and publishing open source software. It's a great starting point for firms adopting their first open source policy or revising an existing one.

Whitepaper: Business Value of Open Source for Financial Services Firms

A whitepaper laying out the business case for open source engagement. A helpful aid for pitching open source to decision-makers on the business side of financial institutions.

Checklist: Establishing an Open Source Compliance Program

We built some high-level workflows for common open source compliance processes, along with a checklist that helps establishing an open source compliance program within your firm.