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Chief Technology Officer

Chief Technology Officer

Chief Technology Officer

The Chief Technology Officer CTO is primarily responsible for driving the development and implementation of new technologies, products, and services.

They focus on the organization's technical vision and strategy, ensuring that the company remains at the forefront of technological advancements and innovation. The CTO works closely with product development teams, researchers, and engineers to create cutting-edge solutions that give the organization a competitive advantage in the marketplace.


  • Technology innovation
  • Business transformation
  • Leadership and management
  • IT operations
  • IT transformation
  • Optimization of IT infrastructure
  • Business operations


  • Legacy technology
  • Data integrity and systems gaps
  • Skills gaps

Open Source Engagement

The CTO is responsible for identifying and implementing innovative technologies. They should therefore recognize the value of OSS in fostering collaboration, driving cost-efficiency, and promoting adaptability.

They should be actively assessing and evaluate open source solutions to meet the organization's needs, ensuring compatibility with existing systems, security, and scalability.

Additionally, the CTO oversees the organization's contributions to open source projects, which helps build a positive reputation, create valuable partnerships within the OSS community, and cultivate a culture of innovation.

Internal Stakeholders

Calls To Action

  1. Read the Survey Report "The State of Open Source in Financial Institutions"

  2. Watch recorded presentations from the 2022 FINOS Open Source Strategy Forum

  3. Attend the FINOS Member Meetings and OSFF events

Expected Activities

Software Inventory

Software inventory is a precondition to most of the activities involved in OSMM level 2. The first step to licence compliance or supply chain security is to understand what software is in your estate.

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