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Staff Risk

Staff Risk

Staff Risk

Staff risk refers to the potential for negative consequences as a result of the actions or decisions of employees, such as fraud, data breaches, or compliance violations.

The risk of staff leaving is often considered to be a type of staff risk or a human resource risk, as it can have a significant impact on the operations and success of an organization. This is often referred to as Key Person Risk:

Key Person Risk indicates the Risk generated when significant organizational knowledge, visibility, status or performance rely to a significant degree on a single individual. - Key Person Risk, Open Risk Manual

Risk Management Activities

Making The Case For Contribution

Organisational change can be very hard to achieve since organisations are naturally protective of themselves and the status quo. Setting up an OSPO and beginning an open source journey will seem like a risky and dangerous proposition for many parts of an organisation.

Managing Open Source Talent

Managing talent in financial institutions is crucial because the quality, motivation, and expertise of their workforce directly influence the institutions' ability to innovate, maintain a competitive edge, comply with regulatory requirements, and ultimately drive financial performance and growth.