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Cross-Border Obligations

Cross Border Obligations

Cross Border Obligations

Many organisations are bound by what is allowed to cross their borders. For example: in Swiss banks, there are strong controls in place to make sure no data leaves Switzerland. This is a consideration for code too, as code contributed to GitHub is data leaving the organisation and there may be requirements around these obligations.

Intersection With Open Source

  • Cross Border Data Clearance (CBDC): Only really applies to data. Not source code. Public source doesn't apply. Working groups don't apply. Use of data classified as public. Not banning data, but asking "is this public?".


  • Screen out (via Code Review) contributions containing data (including what might be regarded as "test data") and only allow code-only. This is another example of why preventing contributions with "test data" in them may be good policy.

  • Publication Code Review Training

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