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Managing Open Source Talent

Managing talent in financial institutions is crucial because the quality, motivation, and expertise of their workforce directly influence the institutions' ability to innovate, maintain a competitive edge, comply with regulatory requirements, and ultimately drive financial performance and growth.


Train new and coach existing open source leaders Recognize contributions of organization's members Create programs to incentivize contributions of organization's members Drive an internal open source ambassadors program Making it easy to contribute

Talent: Open Source career paths, incentivising, ambassadors, recognition

  • Finance organisations are great at attracting talent by simply paying very high wages. The problem is attrition.
  • It's important to understand that lots of open source is developed for non-financial rewards.
  • If you hire a key engineer who is a top contributor to an open source project then you are preventing them from contributing anymore. They will leave.
  • Even if you allow them to continue contributing, but the workflow is onerous (e.g. MD-level reviews of their code) they will also get fed up and leave.
  • To retain these high-performing staff, you have to give them the right tools to carry on contributing effectively.
  • GitHub is becoming a CV.